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Suit Jacket Canvas

Suit Jacket Canvas

Between the fabric and jacket lining is a layer of canvas which gives your custom suit jacket its shape and structure. There are 3 main variations to how the canvas is attached to the jacket.

  1. Full Floating Canvas

    Full Floating Canvas means that the canvas covers the full length of the front of the jacket and is stitched into place. This method allows the canvas to adjust and conform to your body in a very natural way. Full floating canvas is the traditional way to construct a suit and is also the most labor intensive. Custom suits constructed in this way also have the longest lifespan when compared to other suit canvasing styles. Hudson Custom Suits always puts full floating canvas in every suit we make unless you request otherwise.

  2. Half Canvas

    Half Canvas means the suit canvas is still stitched into place (floating), but only extends half way down the front of the jacket. The bottom half of the suit jacket might have fused canvas or no canvas at all. You might choose half canvas if you are trying to make your jacket more light weight, but you still want to have some structure to the jacket.

  3. Fused Canvas

    Fused Canvas means that the suit canvas is attached using an adhesive. Essentially, the canvas is glued into place. This is the fastest and cheapest way to attach suit canvas, which is why it is most commonly found in suits off-the-rack. Some of the biggest drawbacks are that the jacket will feel more stiff and eventually the adhesive breaks down causing the fabric to form bubbles like a bad window tinting job. The adhesive breakdown is caused by the heat from cleaning and pressing which means this style of suit canvas has the shortest lifespan.

  4. Uncanvased

    Uncavased suit means nothing is between the suit fabric and the inner suit lining. In some cases uncanvased suits don’t even have an inner lining. The advantage to an uncanvased suit is that it is extremely light weight and breathable, but will have a much more casual relaxed vibe.

    If you have any questions about the different canvasing styles or would like to set up a fitting, feel free to reach out to us: or 949-478-4832