Of course there are the obvious places to wear suits such as church, weddings and job interviews. But there are plenty of other places that you should be wearing a suit that you probably are not. If you look and feel good, people generally pick up on that. Get your best suit on for:

Air Travel

Ever wonder how some people get a free upgrade to first class without even having to ask? They dress like they already belong there.

Checking into Hotels

They won’t take a kid wearing jeans and a tee seriously, but they’ll definitely notice the confident guy wearing a sharply fit suit.

A Night Out

VIP access? No problem! Doormen and hosts appreciate when you look good because it makes them look good.


Want to get anywhere in life? You’ve gotta look the part. Show you’re the guy who has it together by stepping up the workplace dress-code.


Want to have staff waiting on you hand and foot? Dress like a million bucks and they’ll treat you like you have a million bucks.