Which custom suit lapel is right for you?

The suit lapel is the part of your suit jacket that folds open at the chest and connects to the jacket collar near the collarbone. There are three main types of suit lapels:


Notch Lapel

If you only own one suit this has got to be it. Notch lapels have a triangular cutout where the collar meets the lapel. A sharp notch right on the collar bone is a great classic look. The notch lapel makes for a suit that is great for work, weddings, parties, and everything in between.


Peak Lapel

Named for the peak created where the lapel meets the collar. Peak lapels have a formal-look about them and are usually found on tuxedos and double breasted jackets. You can also class up a less formal single breasted suit with peak lapels. A peak lapel on an everyday suit creates a much bolder look.


Shawl Lapel

The lapel and collar connect as one fluid piece. Shawl lapels are reserved for tuxedo jackets only.


Now that you know what types of lapels are available, let’s talk customization:

Suit Lapel Width

The rule of thumb is that a slim fit suits look best with a lapel that is about 2 – 2.75 inches wide, whereas classic fit suits look best at about 3 – 3.5 inches wide. The luxury of buying a custom made suit is that you can break the rules and go as bold as you want with an extra wide or extra narrow suit lapel.

Suit Lapel Button-holes

Lapel button-holes date back to old military uniforms. They used to correspond to a button on the back of the opposite lapel so the jacket could be buttoned up to the neck. When the jacket was left partially unbuttoned and hung open, it created a lapel. Today’s suit lapel button-holes are a nod to those original military uniforms. Typically the color of the buttonhole will match the suit fabric. A custom made suit allows you to have the lapel buttonhole stitched in any color you want, add extra buttonholes, or eliminate it all together.